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Chatham Football Club

Social Engagement

How we enhance the presence of Chatham Town Football Club’s fan engagement and sales with social media management. 

Client Overview:

Chatham Town Football Club

Chatham Football Club, a community oriented football club with a rich history, approached our team at Blue Moxie to enhance their social media presence, drive engagement, and increase commercial sales through strategic social media management and paid advertising. The goal was not only to connect with their existing fan base but also to attract new supporters and boost revenue, particularly through the launch of their new club shop.

football club marketing agency
football club marketing


Chatham Football Club faced the challenge of limited online visibility and engagement, hindering their ability to tap into a broader audience and capitalise on potential revenue streams. Additionally, the launch of their new club shop required a targeted marketing strategy to ensure a successful introduction to fans and potential customers. This is where a hospitality marketing expert like Blue Moxie comes in. 

Our Approach:

Doing Things Differently

We conducted a thorough analysis of Chatham Football Club’s existing social media presence and identified areas for improvement. Our team developed a content calendar that included a mix of match highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, player interviews, and fan interactions. Consistent posting schedules and strategic use of relevant hashtags were implemented to boost visibility and engagement.

To maximise reach and target specific demographics, we designed and executed a paid advertising campaign across various social media platforms. This included targeted ads promoting match tickets, club merchandise, and, crucially, the grand opening of the new club shop. By leveraging audience segmentation and analytics, we optimised to help the club grow. 

Understanding the power of visual storytelling, our team created captivating video content to showcase the club’s personality and values. Player spotlights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses provided fans with an intimate connection to the team.


Empowering Local Football

In just the initial month of executing our strategic plan, Chatham Football Club witnessed a remarkable 86% surge in social media engagement, significantly fortifying their bond with the pre-existing fan community.

This substantial uptick in online interaction not only bolstered the team’s digital presence but also heightened their visibility, leading to a more vibrant and engaged fan base.

The positive outcomes of our implemented strategy were immediately evident, marking a promising beginning to a trajectory of enhanced fan involvement and strengthened connections within the Chatham Football Club community

The targeted paid advertising campaign resulted in a notable expansion of Chatham Football Club’s online community, reaching new fans and potential customers.

The strategically crafted social posts and focused advertising efforts contributed to a successful launch of the new club shop, surpassing sales projections in the initial weeks.

Marketing results for a football club
Marketing results for a football club


Helping local clubs Thrive

Through a tailored approach to social media management, paid advertising, and engaging video content, our collaboration with Chatham Football Club achieved remarkable results. The club not only strengthened its connection with existing fans but also attracted a wider audience, translating into increased sales and a successful launch of their new club shop. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a comprehensive digital strategy in elevating the online presence and revenue potential of a sports organisation.

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