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Why should I use a Google Partner certified agency?

If you’re a business owner, then you know that keeping up with the latest Google AdWords features and best practices is essential to staying ahead of the competition.

That’s why it’s important to work with a Google Partner certified agency. A Google Partner certification means that an agency has demonstrated AdWords expertise by meeting Google’s highest standards for account management.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality, results-driven AdWords campaign, be sure to partner with a certified agency. At Blue Moxie, we are proud to be a certified Google Partner.

But what does this all mean – and what are the advantages of engaging a certified Google Partner agency to manage your ad campaigns?

What is a Google Partner certified agency?

Before an agency can call themselves a Google Partner, they need to prove their skills and expertise in managing AdWords campaigns. That includes participating in ongoing training programmes and, most importantly, helping their clients grow their customer base and increase revenue.

How does this help you?

Knowledge and experience

Selecting a Google Partner ensures that you will be working with people who are proven experts in creating and managing successful AdWords campaigns.

Certified agencies are regularly monitored and reviewed to make sure that they are maintaining Google’s high standards and delivering outstanding service.

Google Partners have a strong knowledge and understanding of techniques and best practices to maximise the success of your AdWords campaigns and ensure you always receive the best return on investment.

Complete use of AdWords features

There are many different settings and features within Google AdWords that can have an impact on the success of your ads.

Working with an accredited Partner ensures that you can take full advantage of all available features to enhance your campaign performance and keep it running as effectively as possible.

Access to new features

Agencies that achieve Google Partner status also gain access to new beta features. When Google develops a new feature, certified Partners often get the opportunity to use and test it up to a year before it’s available to the general public.

Working with a Partner agency will mean that you can incorporate new innovative features into your strategy early on and get a headstart on your competition.

Return on investment

As with any form of advertising or marketing, you’ll want to achieve a healthy ROI from your AdWords campaign.

Working with specialists that know how to read the outcomes and identify when to change ad copy, landing pages, and bid strategy to produce conversions is critical.

Google Partners are required to maintain a high standard of performance to retain their certification, so you can be confident that they will be focused on driving results for your business and achieving your desired ROI.

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You can be confident that your budget will be spent wisely

As a certified agency we are guided by Google the most effective ways to spend your advertising budget. We’re thus able to get you a higher return on investment (ROI), by driving more conversions at a lower cost per conversion. 

At Blue Moxie, we don’t just manage your Google AdWords account – we take a strategic approach to ensure your campaigns are delivering results that contribute to your overall marketing and business goals.

We’re transparent and always willing to share our insights with you

Any marketing agency should be open about what they can and have archived in order to be transparent to new perspective companies. Google Partners have to adhere to Google’s strict policies on transparency and disclosure, so you can always be confident that you’re getting the full story.

Google Partners also have to agree to Google’s highest standards for account management. This includes maintaining a high standard of customer service, using only Google approved methods for managing campaigns, and providing accurate performance reporting.

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Talk to an expert, work with a google partner agency

For more information or advice on how you can take your search advertising to the next level, our Google certified PPC experts are here to help. contact us