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Pest Control Marketing
Pest Tech Case Study

Pest control marketing: Pest tech is a company based in Maidstone; they offer both domestic and commercial pest control for single treatments or long-term pest control contracts.

The company has a team of highly skilled and experienced pest technicians who are fully trained in the specific requirements for each type of infestation. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including insect control, rodent control, bird netting and exclusion services, and general nuisance animal removal.


Pest control SEO: They approached us after having poor results from their previous pest control SEO agency. The request was simple, a higher online ranking to generate more calls.

Their traditional marketing campaigns were up and running, meaning they had a monthly budget to invest in organic Search Engine optimisation and local SEO.

The task was to implement a long-term SEO strategy that focused on on-site and off-site optimisation, engaging blog content, website restructuring, building brand visibility, and ultimately increasing revenue from the local area.


We worked closely with the team at Pest Tech to create an effective SEO plan, which included keyword research and competitor analysis. The goal was to increase organic search engine traffic and conversions from the SEO effort.

As part of the strategy, we created a content marketing plan to create valuable and engaging material with relevant keywords for their website and blog. We also actively set up links from other websites to build brand visibility within search engine results pages (SERPs).

We implemented on-site optimisation techniques to enhance the performance of their website, such as meta tag and title optimisation, image optimisation and link structure. In addition, we added new search terms to existing pages to increase traffic and ensure Pest-tech had a comprehensive and well-optimised site.

The result was a significant increase in organic search engine traffic and more leads being generated from the website. This has allowed Pest Tech to grow its business with minimal effort.

The site received negative SEO from another local pest control company; we combated this month, removing spam links sent at us and continuing to build Pest-tech a high-quality backlink profile with our pest control SEO.

This resulted in Pest tech receiving highly targeted organic traffic from Google and increasing its revenue with no additional spending on Google advertising (PPC) or advertising campaigns.


After a few months, Pest Tech’s organic search engine ranking improved significantly. Their website was now ranking in the top 3 for all targeted keywords, and their main keyword had moved from page two to page one.

The most impressive result was that their main target keyword went from page two to number one without additional investment in PPC or advertising campaigns.

Overall, the SEO campaign implemented for Pest Tech resulted in a 41% increase in organic search engine traffic each month, leading to a 30% increase in sales and customer enquiries.

The long-term SEO strategy has allowed them to keep their website ranking high for their target keywords and to continue generating leads through organic search engine traffic.

The SEO campaign implemented for Pest Tech resulted in a significant increase in their organic search engine traffic and customer sales enquiries. This has allowed them to grow their business with minimal effort, as the increased visibility on Google delivering high-quality leads to their website.

Monthly increase average
0 %

Monthly increase in traffic from organic searches

Traffic Increase
0 %

Organic traffic to the website has increased by 439% in the time we have been working together

Conversion Rate
0 %

38% average monthly increase on visits to the contact page

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